AD-Pro’s advanced formula supports gastrointestinal health and the immune system.

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AD-Pro™ supports gastrointestinal health and the immune system with a formula that combines 2400 mcg RAE of high-potency antioxidant vitamin A (267% of the recommended DV) and 75 mcg of vitamin D3 (375% of the recommended DV) per serving.* Two softgels per day provide 4800 mcg RAE of vitamin A and 150 mcg of vitamin D3 as a favorable ratio to support mucosal health as recommended in the Mucosal Health & Food Tolerance Program™.* In addition, this formula provides the convenience of two products in one with a ratio specifically targeted to supply daily support for the gastrointestinal barrier.* 
Provides vitamin A with a higher ratio of retinyl palmitate to beta-carotene (Retinyl palmitate is a more biologically available form of vitamin A*) 
Supports certain immune pathways related to mucosal health* 
Helps maintain healthy cellular function* 
Supports immune mechanisms, vision, and cell growth and development* 
Designed to support the musculoskeletal system, including calcium metabolism and bone health*