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Trilogy Health and Wellness Center

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neuromuscular and deep tissue massage

Trilogy, a gentle blend of science and nature
to help you achieve your greatest potential.

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Trilogy Health & Wellness Center combines traditional and alternative complementary care
based on integrative and non-intrusive therapies.

Integrated Medical Care

Our doctors, providers and therapists are committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of wellness care.


Removes blockages to allow the body to heal itself. Our chiropractic procedures use joint mobilization to restore normal bio-mechanics and function.

Optimal Health Systems Products

Exposure Protection Pak

Immune support specifically for current pandemic. Immune system boost. Helps nutritionally support recovery from virus attacks. Contains blend of vitamin d, probiotics, zinc, nitrates, natural antimicrobials, and more. Buy Now

Optimal Acute

Reduce inflammation safely and naturally. Heal damaged cells. Extremely efficient at digesting potentially harmful proteins. Beneficial for sports injuries and recovery from accidents and surgery. Buy Now

Optimal 1 Digestion

Helps break down all nutrients. Contains crucial digestive plant enzymes. Helps eliminate gas, bloat, acid reflux and more. Aids the gut in nutrient absorption and metabolism. Buy Now


Nutritionally supports healthy adrenal glands. Key ingredients help to promote the body’s ability to increase energy levels. Repair adrenal gland damage from synthetic caffeine, stimulants, etc. Buy Now

Signature Services

These healing procedures are most loved by our patients.

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