AC-Glutathione supports intracellular antioxidant processes.

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AC-Glutathione supports intracellular antioxidant processes, offering 125 mg per capsule of S-acetyl L-glutathione, which is a form of reduced glutathione (GSH) designed for greater stability, bioavailability, and digestive comfort.* An adequate amount of GSH is important for many physiological processes.* Aging is associated with a decrease in glutathione activity, which can result in increased oxidative stress. This formula is also available in 250 mg of S-acetyl L-glutathione per capsule in AC-Glutathione 250 (K117).
Acid-resistant, vegetarian capsule designed for optimal delivery to intestines
The S-acetyl L-glutathione form resists digestive breakdown and supports absorption and bioavailability of glutathione*
A good alternative to those who are sensitive to N-acetyl L-cysteine
Gluten-and dairy-free, as confirmed by finished-product testing
Supports intracellular and mitochondrial antioxidant processes*
Supports the maintenance of glutathione reserves, which is important for healthy brain function*
Supports balanced immune system function*
Supports liver detoxification activity*