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Therapeutic Massage

The most familiar of all techniques, this massage uses a gentle touch to reduce stress, and increase circulation. Long, gliding strokes soothes tired muscles and kneading techniques relieves tension. Swedish massage assists in reducing emotional and physical stress.

30 / 60 / or 90 Minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue is specialized toward sore, fatigued muscles, including injuries, and chronic or acute deep tissue pain. Slow, purposeful strokes and deep finger pressure stimulates and releases trigger points in the muscles which sometimes refers pain to different parts of the body. This type of treatment is more intense and specific, perfect for people who are looking for relief from chronic pain or who are looking for deeper pressure.

30 / 60 / or 90 Minutes

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

A vigorous massage designed for the athlete either while training before and after a sporting event. Special attention to sports-specific muscle groups is paid, using compression and cross-fiber friction techniques, reducing lingering muscle tension, and releasing lactic acid build-up. The massage can include assisted stretching to further increase flexibility. This massage is also excellent for anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

60 minutes

Pregnancy Massage

Our trained therapist uses a specially designed cushion and a variety of techniques to relieve backaches, headaches, and also reduce swelling and insomnia. Expectant mothers will feel nurtured during this pampering experience. This service is available during the second and third trimester.

60 Minutes

Revitalizing Chair Massage

This massage is great for people on the go. The therapist focuses on the head, neck and shoulder areas to reduce tension and renew energy. Weekly visits will give added relief to migraine suffers.

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